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Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari』 - 【Kuyuri

Original - supercell (Bakemonogatari ED)

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I like how this version is stripped down but still retains the power of the original version. The flute is really pretty and I like hearing the guitar in certain places. Towards the end all the twinkling sounds and the synthesizer make me FEEL THINGS… 

I like to pretend that this is an earlier version of the song from when she was working on it initially. Maybe they stripped it down for this album though. Either way I don’t know, I just love her and this song both.

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Hatoful Boyfriend OST - 朱色の回転木馬 (Anghel’s battle theme)

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Yuukei Yesterday Full (Anime Ver.)

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has this been done before? This sounds like it’d be perfect for a concert performance.

i merely threw this in FL Studio and set it to B instead of the standard C and this was the result, but I was so blown away by how much different it sounds.

It does give it a Live Concert sound to it. Should throw in some clapping and cheering to give it the full effect lol.

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fireflies // owl city

'cause they'd fill the open air
and leave teardrops everywhere
you’d think me rude
but i would just stand and stare

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Kagerou Project | 【Daze 16-bit full

once upon a time i was asked to do the full version, and i only now got around to it ;3;

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master of the hellish yard feat.GUMI - mothy/akunoP
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I decided to mix together Red Like Roses and Red Like Roses Part 2.

You’re welcome.